Touchdown Madness

Touchdown Madness 3.0

Choose a scheme, use powerful players and score a touchdown (See all)
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Touchdown Madness is a simple, but fun American Football game. The games doesn't really try to compete with games like NFL Madden or any other important football game. It simply wants and achieves to be a fun game that will keep you entertained for a while. The game features OK graphics for a game of its characteristics and the controls are really easy. The only drawback I can found about this game is that it only allows you to play offense. You score, and keep on scoring, but you get no chance at all to play defense and win championships. Anyhow, I guess offense is the more fun of the two. Every time you win a game, you get cash prizes, which you can use to buy some better players. Those players will perform considerably better than the first players that you get. The system requirements are not too demanding, so chances are you can run this little application even in old(er) computers. In short, however shot-lived the action this game offers might be, it is still fun and can take some of that office stress away.

José Fernández
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